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ABC Heywire 2021: Meet the Trailblazers driving change across Australia




ABC Heywire is proud to announce and celebrate the winners of the 2021 Trailblazers competition.

These young people have big plans for the futures of their projects and the impact they hope they’ll each have on their corner of Australia, from helping to keep Indigenous language and connection to Country alive, to driving social change for people with disability.

Here’s everything you need to know about them and their 10 projects.

Sober Mates

Sam Wilson in South Geelong, Victoria

An educational online community to connect young people beyond the booze

A woman sits in a grey dress and smiles. She is in a booth with wine bottles lined up behind her.
Sam Wilson plans on running sober events and panel discussions in regional Australia as part of Sober Mates.(

Supplied: Cameron Rosin


Describing herself as a former “heavy social Aussie…

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